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Thursday, March 18, 2010

☻♥♥Summary,Evaluation and Application in Educational Technology 1♥♥☻


In Education, technology advancement requires to attain a higly-organized in terms of technology.Education in this generation becomes more accelerated with the high-technology. Through technology application, it enchance student's performance based on the presentation presented in the classroom and widens thier creativity,metacogntive skills and accuracy for technology advancement.We can appreciate Technology in the sense that,it engaged with new easiest equipment and feel us convenient.


In all the lessons in Educational Technology really makes me developed my knowledge in computer skills which it is applied as future facilator of learning.The best topic i choose among all is in Lesson 8: Teaching with Contrived Experiences,it is stated in this Lesson that it is the substitutes from the real-life situation.Upon my learnings on this,when a teacher is in the field of teaching then he/she is about to teach things that cannot be seen real in the classroom,as substitution from the those things that cannot presented in the class in real,a teacher make use of creativity in showing this instructural materials.


As future teacher, we have to impart our prior knowledged effively to the learners by having an appropriate demonstration in order the learners will become more deserving when it comes to technology.Technology do a lot of things in which very equipped in this moment of time.As facilatator of learning process, we will do it in contractivist way.