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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Lesson2:Techonology:Boon or Bane?

Is technology boon or bane to education? It depends on how we use technology.If it is "Boon"it's a blessings,means we use technology in good ways and we can get benefits from it, while "Bane"a curse,we are using technology in not some good ways,although we can learned such things but it is not for our own good source of information.

Based on my learning in the lesson,the content covers about the advantages and disadvantages of "Technology" in education,and for me,the said "Boon" in technology is blessing for us because we can access quickly and updates of what's going on,in the entire world.If there's a blessings there could be opposite of it,and it is called"Bane" which is a curse.For example to this,Surfing pornographic materials which is not good for us because we can't learned good things from it.