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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Lesson4:Systematic Approach to Teaching

In Traditional way of teaching,the teacher serves as the center of learning process.In this lesson it emphasizes that the student is the center of learning process.The instructions are directly given by the student and the student become more dependent to do the instructions.Base on the this lesson,it is very important that the materials in teaching is well-prepared and very highly-organized instructions by the teachers.

The Systematic approach to teaching just simply serves as a guide to a teacher which be needed in Learning process of a child.For instance,it may come up with a systematized way in engaging a student. As a teacher it is an equipment for an effective instructions for a student.In every instructions it would be always systematize or in other words,be ordered and well-organized.

The student practice also be more effective enough in following all the instructions given by the teachers.Student are required to read such instructural mechanims that will help them to be highy-organized students.