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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Lesson 5: The Cone Of Experience

The Topic deals to us such learning experience from concrete to abstract which the cone arranged from abstract to concrete.Abstract,means can be seen by our eyes and the concrete are those experince that cannot be seen it just an imagination. both of this are important tool in teaching profession.The basement of this cone is the Direct-Purposeful experience which is the major insight in Dale's Cone, in teaching it would be better to come with this Direct-Purposeful experince because "experince is the best Teacher".While in the Top of the cone are abstract that areequipment use in teaching.

In the lesson i learned that learning much from our own experince.Whether you experince Failure in life, we must moved on and learned better things that makes you failed.In teaching profession,we must considered our student to expose more and exploring neccessary things with this they can gain knowleged base on there experince.